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#3 Improv Comedy Show in English – Jeff Michalski’s Workshop Showcase followed by WePolak Show

28 sierpień 2022


Jeff Michalski and the workshop participants invite you to our workshop showcase feat. all the players in 2 sets followed by performance of WePolak.

Wyjątkowe spotkanie z impro przed nami! Już dziś zapraszamy na spektakl komediowy po angielsku w wykonaniu WePolak❗️

Wstęp wolny, zaczynamy o 19.30! Występ kapeluszowany❗️

The event is Sunday night, August 28th at 7.30 pm on the stage at Jaś&Małgosia, al. Jana Pawła II 57.

The show is free but we have a donation hat. Anything you drop in the hat will be appreciated.

So come, have a drink and enjoy the fun!

We only have 30 seats so come early!

Read more about WePolak:


This event is one of two consecutive events.

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There will be other cast, and also as we improvise, the show will contain new content.

Check this out!