Restaurant Menu
Menu of the week

Beer on draught:

Żywiec, Żywiec white (0,5 l) 9zł

Żywiec, Żywiec white (0,3 l) 7zł

Big bottled beer (0,5 l):

Racibórz Raciborskie Classic/Cut/Honey/Pils 10zł

Heineken, Warka, EB, Żywiec low-alcohol 10zł

Lwowskie porter/lager 11zł

Obolon Premium/White/Wheat/Velvet 11zł

Żywiec Apa, Żywiec Saison, Żywiec Porter, Desperados 12zł

Staropramen/Złoty Bażant/Paulaner 12zł

Czarny Kot White/Red/Black Cat 12zł

Bernard Wild strawberry, Currant, Honey with raspberry and many others 13zł

Warka Radler „2“, Warka radler „0“ 10zł

Craft beer 16 zł - check what we have today !

We recommend cider ! Please ask the staff about the offer.

Our summer offer

Mango Bellini (150 ml Martini Prosecco, mango mousse) 19zł

Aperol prosecco (80 ml Martini Prosecco, 40 ml aperol, fizzy water) 21zł

Raspberry Mojito (40 ml Bacardi Carta Blanca, raspberries, mint, lime juice, fizzy water) 23zł

Vodka : 40 ml/0,5 l.:

Żytnia Pure 8zł/79zł

Żytnia quince/hazelnut/raspberry/cherry/ lemon/blackcurrant 9zł/89zł

Żubrówka Bisson Grass 10zł/99zł

Stock, Finlandia 10zł/ 99zł

Passower Slivovitz 12zł

Grey Goose 16zł


Mad dog 11,00zł

(vodka, raspberry juice, Tabasco)

B52 16zł

(Kahlua, Bailey's, Cointreau)

Kamikaze 4 shots 16zł

(Vodka, Blue Curacao, sugar syrup, lemon juice)

Gin (40ml):

Bombay Sapphire 12zł

Tequila (40ml):

Camino Real Blanco /Real Gold 14zł

El Jimador Reposado /El Jimador Blanco 16zł

Whisky (40ml):

William Lawson's 11zł

Dewar's White Label 13zł

Dewar's 12 18zł

Jack Daniel’s / Honey/ Gentleman Jack 17zł

Aberfeldy 12 26zł

Aultmore 12 26zł

Rum (40ml):

Bacardi Carta Blanca, Oakheart 13zł

Bacardi Carta Negra,Bacardi Carta Oro 14zł

Bacardi 1909, Bacardi 8 Anos 16zł

Jaś & Małgosia Coctails:

PRL (40 ml whisky William Lawson's, coca cola) 15zł

Ahoj, Krtek (40 ml walnut vodka, cream, whipped cream) 15zł

Białystok (40ml Żubrówka Bison Grass, cucumber, lemon juice, sprite) 15zł

Gdańsk (10ml Bacardi Oakheart, coca-cola) 15zł

Warszawa (Martini Bianco, tonic kinley, a piece of lime) 15zł

Classic coctails:

Americano 20zł

(20 ml Martini Riserva, 20 ml Campari, fizzy water,a slice of orange)

Bacardi Cuba Libre 20zł

(40 ml Bacardi Carta Oro, coca-cola, lime juice)

Negroni 22zł

(20 ml Bombay Sapphire,20 ml Martini Riserva Rubino, 20 ml Campari, orange peel)

Bacardi Mojito 22zł

(40 ml Bacardi Carta Blanca, mint, lime juice, brown sugar, fizzy water)

Lynchburg Lemonade 22zł

(40 ml Jack Daniels, 20 ml Triple Sec, lemon juice, sprite)

Long Island Ice Tea 27zł

(20 ml Vodka, 20 ml Tequila, 20 ml Gin, 20 ml Triple Sec, 20 ml Rum, lemon juice, coca-cola)

Wine glass 150ml/bottle 0,75 l:

White wine

Colina Chardonnay dry, Spain 12zł/55zł

Casal Mendes semi-dry, Portugal 16zł/ 75zł

Ca’di Rajo Sauvignon dry, Italy 17zł/85zł

Alazani White Semi Sweet, Georgia 17zł/85zł

Red wine

Colina Garnacha dry, Spain 12zł/55zł

Caleo Promitivo dry, Italy 16zł/75zł

Pirosmani semi-dry, Georgia 16zł/75zł

Alazani semi sweet, Georgia 17zł/85zł

Martini sparkling wine (bottle 0,75l):

Martini Asti, Brut, Rose 75zł

Martini Prosecco 150ml/0,75l 15zł/75zł

Drink responsibly, don´t drive if you`ve been drinking! Better stay and drink some more!

Ask at the bar about special offers and the meaning of life!


You are welcome at the bar to place an order, discuss the weather

Or the meaning of life (we do not discuss politics :)


espresso/ espresso doppio 6 zł / 9 zł

espresso macchiato / con panna / romano 7 zł

americano / americano doppio 8 zł / 11 zł

flat (espresso doppio with small amount of milk) 11 zł

cappuccino 11 zł

cappuccino with cardamom, ginger, cinnamon 12 zł

latte / latte macchiato 12 zł /13 zł

grain coffee (with milk or water) 7 zł

loose coffee in a big mug 10 zł

a mug of hot milk 4 zł

a mug of cocoa 10 zł

milk chocolate with whipped cream 15 zł

decaffeinated coffee / low fat milk / lactose-free milk available on demand


tea bags JUST T 8 zł / loose tea 9 zł /

teapot for two 14 zł

English breakfast / earl grey/ green / green jasmine / mint / white with orange / hibiscus with apple and rose petals


Green It 15 zł

green tea / mint / slice of orange / sugar syrup

Nectar 15 zł

espresso / tonic kinley / orange juice / citrus slices

Ambrosia 16 zł

black tea / mango mousse / mint / slice of orange

Cookie Monster 16 zł

espresso / milk / cookie syrup / whipped cream


lemonade classic / of the day 12 zł / 14 zł

sugar syrup / lemon juice / slices of citrus fruits / mint

mojito 13 zł

pieces of lime / cane sugar / mint / crushed ice / fizzy water

tango with mango 16 zł

mango / banana / pineapple juice


orange/ grapefruit (mixed on request)

340 ml 14 zł


coca-cola / coca-cola zero / sprite / tonic kinley / fanta / cappy orange / cappy apple / fuzetea (0,25l) 7 zł

Kropla Beskidu still water (0,33l) 5 zł

Kropla Delice fizzy water (0,33l) 5 zł

Pierrot: white / red / green fruit / red fruit / pear / (0,33l) 7 zł

Pierrot spring water fizzy / still (0,33l) 5 zł

juice in a bottle: orange / apple / carrot with banana (0,33l) 7 zł

ginger beer non-alcoholic (0,33l) 10 zł

burn (0,25l) 11 zł

bombilla with yerba mate: classic / cranberry/ pitahaya /mirabelle plum (0,33l) 12 zł


milk 1 zł

soy / oat milk 2 zł

whipped cream 2 zł

additional shot of espresso 3 zł

syrup vanilla / roasted hazelnut / pistachio / coconut / chocolate / mint / ginger / cookie / caramel / cinnamon and others 2 zł

Restaurant Menu

Special breakfast offer

Breakfast served till 12 a.m. and at the weekend till 1.00 p.m.


scrambled eggs 10 zł

3 eggs / chives / bread / butter

extras for scrambled eggs / ham / bacon / extra egg / onion / fresh tomato / cottage cheese and others 2 zł

Gretel’s pancakes 16 zł

apple / peach / cinnamon

Hansel’s pancakes 18 zł

cottage cheese / honey / vanilla / cream

Grażyna’s breakfast 18 zł

challah / honey / jam / cottage cheese / nutella

Jaga the Witch’s omelette 18 zł

omelette from 3 eggs / ham / cheese / tomato

hot spread made of beans 18 zł

toasted baguette / vegetables / pickled cucumber

big eater’s breakfast 20 zł

two sausages / two sunny-side-up eggs / bacon / cottage cheese with dill and cucumber / chives / mustard dressing / bread / butter / mixed lettuce 


garlic bread with butter, herbs and cheese

(6 pieces) 10 zł

beans paste 15 zł

Jaś beans / black seed / garlic / pickled vegetables / bread

classic lard 15 zł

lard / pickled cucumber / bread

herring in oil with potato and apple 18 zł

potato / apple / onion / tomato/ dill / bread / butter

traditional polish herring 18 zł

red onion / tomato / dried plums / bread / butter

beef tartare 24 zł

egg yolk / onion / pickled mushrooms / pickled cucumber / bread / butter


vege burger 22 zł

grilled oyster mushroom / pickled cucumber / tomato /

lettuce / beans paste made of Jaś beans

burger Jaś 24 zł

pork cutlet / cheddar / chutney / bacon / pickled cucumber / tomato / onion / lettuce / Thousand Island sauce

burger Małgosia 25 zł

chicken fillet / cheddar / pineapple / pickled cucumber / tomato / onion / lettuce / garlic dressing

burger Jaga the Witch 26 zł

beef cutlet / cheddar / jalapeno / onion / pickled cucumber / tomato / lettuce / BBQ dressing

every burger can be enlarged by potato wedges and coleslaw for 5 zł


soup of the day (Mon-Fri, different every day) 10 zł

hen broth 12 zł

hen / fore - rib / parsley tops / noodles

vege oyster mushroom tripe 13 zł

seasonal soup with cream served cold 13 zł


poultry liver 23 zł

caramelized apple and onion / raspberry mousse / chive / grilled challah

breaded pork chop 27 zł

potatoes / dill / cucumber salad with cream

roast chicken fillet 29 zł

potatoes / spring salad / rosemary dressing

pork fillet in bacon 34 zł

diamond-shaped potato dumplings / fried beetroots / rosemary dressing

roasted trout 35 zł

trout with thyme and dill / potatoes / garlic butter /

lemon / blanched spinach / cherry tomatoes / garlic


lemon cottage cheese noodles 17 zł

caster sugar / raspberry mousse

dumplings filled with meat

boiled / fried (7 pieces) 19 zł

stewed beef and pork / garlic / onion / carrot /

bacon gravy

dumplings with potato and cottage cheese stuffing boiled / fried (7 pieces) 19 zł

garlic / onion / onion gravy

diamond shaped potato dumplings with spinach 24 zł

dried tomato / spinach / olives / parmesan cheese


tagliatelle with smoked trout 25 zł

penne with chicken 26 zł

matured Bursztyn cheese / dried tomatos / tomato sauce / basil / olives


salad with goat cheese 25 zł

mixed lettuce / pear / caramelized walnuts / beetroot / honey dressing

Ceasar salad with chicken 27 zł

grilled chicken / romaine lettuce / cocktail tomatoes / toasted bread / parmesan cheese / Ceasar dressing

Italian salad 27 zł

parma ham / rucola / spinach / cocktail tomatoes / pumpkin and sunflower seeds / olive oil / grissini / parmesan cheese


bread / butter / additional sauce 2 zł

parmesan, cheddar or other cheese 4 zł

side salad 5 zł

burger cutlet 8 zł     


Granny Ann‘s special chocolate treat 8 zł

Granny Ann’s cheesecake with raspberry mousse 13 zł

Granny Ann‘s apple pie served hot with whipped cream 13 zł

chocolate mousse with whipped cream, dark chocolate, meringue and nuts 13 zł

Dear Guests, Your pets are welcome, also inside the club!

Our dishes may contain allergens. Please ask our staff about ingredients of dishes if you are allergic to anything.

Dear Guests, for groups of 8 people and more we charge 10% service.

Menu lunchowe
16 - 20 września 2019r.

➡️ poniedziałek


potrawka z kurczaka / ryż Basmati

lub sałatka z grillowanym tofu / ser pleśniowy Lazur / orzechy

➡️ wtorek

kapuśniaczek na wędzonce

antrykot z indyka / ananas / ser / opiekane ziemniaczki / surówka z marchwi

lub placki z cukinii i marchewki, śmietana, mix sałat

➡️ środa

krem warzywny / pestki słonecznika

polędwiczka wieprzowa / sos z boczniaków / ziemniaki z wody / surówka z kapusty pekińskiej

lub penne z grillowanym boczniakiem / parmezan

➡️ czwartek

barszcz ukraiński

pieczony schab / gnocchi / surówka z czerwonej kapusty

lub pieczony camembert z pieczywem czosnkowym / mieszane sałaty / żurawina

➡️ piątek

jarzynowa z brukselką

panierowany dorsz / parmezan / puree ziemniaczano – marchewkowe / surówka z kiszonej kapusty

lub kotlet z czerwonej fasoli / puree ziemniaczano – marchewkowe / surówka z kiszonej kapusty

➡️ Do zestawu proponujemy wodę (gazowaną/ niegazowaną) lub kompot!

Zupa dnia 10zł 

II danie 18zł

Kompot 5zł